Maria Rugenstein

I'm interested in how the ocean influences atmospheric feedbacks on large scales, and stores and redistributes heat. I like thinking about first-order controls on Earth’s climate and the concept of climate forcings. I'm also interested in deep time paleo climate, internal variability, and the theory and sociology of science.

Since 2020, I am an assistant professor for climate dynamics at the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I studied at ETH Zürich, completed my Master's research at Princeton University/GFDL, and dived into paleoclimate research for two years in Utrecht, before completing my PhD in Zürich with extensive visits to Stanford University and the Carnegie Institute for Global Ecology and a PostDoc at MPI in Hamburg.

My growing group consists of Marc Alessi, Yiyu Zheng, and Dirk Olonscheck. I'm coordinating a model intercomparison of millennia long simulations of global coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Models, LongRunMIP, together with Jonah Bloch-Johnson. We also just started a Green's Function Model Intercomparison, which is still in its early stages. Check out this US-clivar workshop on the pattern effect I'm chairing together with Cristi Proistosescu.


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Manuscripts in review or preparation

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